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Vinyl Cut Decals

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Die-cut stickers, also known as Computer-cut stickers or kiss cut stickers in the industry are made through a vinyl cutting process. The computer reads the lines (from vector art an .eps or .ai file) made on the computer, and then physically cuts into single colored roll of vinyl with a very small blade.

Each sticker is hand peeled to reveal the cut out design. We apply application tape over each sticker to make application possible. This temporary application tape allows the stickers to be lifted from their paper backing and applied to the surface. Without it, you would be applying each cut out element individually. Once the sticker is applied, the paper and the application tape are thrown away, leaving only the die-cut sticker applied to the surface. The final look is a sticker that is one color, and looks like it has been “painted” onto the surface.

As you can see, this process is very specific, and very hands on, so very detailed artwork isn’t acceptable for this process. The more detailed the artwork, the more difficult and sometimes impossible production can be. If you aren’t sure whether your artwork is too detailed for die-cut stickers, simply contact us.

If you need any advice or a quotation, please feel free to contact us.


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